Orange  County  Academy  of  Martial  Arts


Orange County Academy of Martial Arts is the Official Headquarters of the United States Tang Soo Do Association.  We are part of a global network of supporting organizations whose sole purpose is the continued growth, enrichment, and education of its students in the art of Tang Soo Do.

We welcome all members from all organizations.  We are direct descendants of Tang Soo Do's founder, the late Grand Master Hwang Kee.

Our affiliated family of supporting organizations include:

          Tang Soo Do, Mi Gu Kwan Federation

          Inter-Continental Tang Soo Do Federation

          Global Korean Martial Arts Federation

          San Kil Tang Soo Do

          United States Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association

          World Tang Soo Do Association

          Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance

          World Kido Federation - Hapkido